How Do You Purchase an Uber Gift Card?


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Uber users can purchase gifts card by emailing Uber to activate gift card purchases, selecting the "Payment" option and the "Buy Gift Card" sub-option in the Uber app, choosing a monetary amount, and entering the recipient's email. The recipient will receive the gift card via email as a redemption code.

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Uber is a ride-share transportation service technology company that has been active since the spring of 2009. Unlike traditional taxi cab services, Uber allows users to quickly request vehicles to their exact location from a pool of pre-existing nearby Uber drivers. Users are able to request Uber rides through the Uber app, which is available on most smart phone devices.

The Uber app boasts a number of different features that make using the service easy, affordable and reliable, such as driver ratings and carpool options. Uber also introduced different types of rides that allow users to choose the size and luxury of the vehicle. In this way, Uber users can customize their Uber experience to fit their specific needs on a given day.

Drivers can apply to join Uber and typically use their own vehicle while working. To become an Uber driver, drivers must pass safety tests, their vehicles must pass safety inspections and they must register with the system.

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