How Do You Purchase a Steam Gift Card?


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People can purchase Steam gift cards digitally at PayPal-gifts.com or physically at most GameStop locations. The recipient enters the code on the gift cards to add value to his Steam Wallet, which he can then use to purchase video games for the Steam client.

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To purchase digital gift cards online, navigate to the PayPal Gifts page for Steam Digital Wallet Codes and click on Gift. Users can purchase these codes for increments of 20, 50 and 100 dollars. Complete the transaction using PayPal, which will send a notification to the recipient by email or through Steam. Users must have a PayPal account to purchase gift cards with this method.

To redeem a Steam Wallet Code, the recipient can log in to either the Steam website or client. Click on the Games tab, and then on Redeem a Steam Wallet Code. Enter the sequence of numbers and letters as they appear on the gift card, then click Continue. After the user confirms the transaction, the dollar amount of the gift card is added to his Steam Wallet. Funds in the Steam Wallet function like any other form of currency in Steam. To purchase a game with these funds, simply select the Steam Wallet during checkout.

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