What Is the Proper Etiquette for a Second Wedding?


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Proper etiquette for a second wedding is much the same as etiquette for a first wedding. Being respectful and polite is the most important rule of etiquette for a second wedding.

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Inform children from the first marriage as soon as possible. Telling the ex-spouse is important if there are young children involved, but it is not a requirement to tell him in person. It is appropriate to tell ex-in-laws if there is a close relationship between them and the children, or if all parties are on friendly terms.

Showers are appropriate. Close family and friends should be invited, but others who came to the first showers do not have to be invited to second wedding showers. Gifts are never required at showers, and registering for specific items the new couple doesn't already have is acceptable. For well-established couples who don't want or need new household items, a food shower or garden shower is appropriate.

Brides may wear white if desired. A white dress is not required, but wearing white again is not frowned upon. Veils are typically only worn for the first wedding.

Second weddings can be small and low key, or they can be lavish celebrations. The decision for the type and size of a second wedding is made by the people paying for it.

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