What Is Proper Baby Shower Invitation Etiquette?


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Proper baby shower invitation etiquette includes providing essential information about the shower, giving guests enough time to plan, and inviting the right people. Family and cultural customs, plus the desires of the mom-to-be, should also be considered when sending invitations.

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What Is Proper Baby Shower Invitation Etiquette?
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In a baby shower invitation, the hostess should provide the details guests need to know. The date, time and location of the shower are essential. A contact name and number for the hostess is crucial. While baby registry information can be included in shower invitations, it is also proper to pass those details along by word of mouth.

Giving guests enough time to plan for the shower is important invitation etiquette. Because showers are typically held a month or so before the baby's birth, send out invitations about four weeks prior to the shower date. Less-formal shower invitations can be sent two to three weeks out. Guests may not be able to attend with shorter notice, so proper etiquette includes proper notice.

An important aspect of baby shower invitation etiquette is inviting the proper people. Close family and friends of the expectant parents should be included. For a work shower, invite people who have regular interactions with the honoree. The mother-to-be can provide a list of people she would like to invite, but the host can make the final guest list decisions based on cost and space for the shower.

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