How Do You Print a Free Birthday Card?

How Do You Print a Free Birthday Card?

To print a free birthday card, find a website that has printable birthday cards or card templates, choose a design, add text or photos and print out the final card on a home printer. For ideal results, use card stock or some other kind of heavy paper and adjust the printer settings to accommodate the paper size and type.

To print birthday cards at home, use the following steps.

  1. Find a website that offers free cards
  2. There are a variety of websites that offer free cards. Examples include greeting card companies such as American Greetings and printer companies such as Brother.

  3. Choose a design
  4. Users can choose from finished designs and templates that allow them to add their own pictures or photos.

  5. Add text and images
  6. Add personalized text to the inside of a card, or use a template to add customized text to the card face or insert images.

  7. Adjust the printer settings
  8. Open the printer properties window and choose the custom settings option. Enter the paper size and choose the paper type if the properties window provides the option.

  9. Insert the paper
  10. Insert one or more sheets of card stock paper into the paper tray. When printing multiple cards, avoid adding more than five sheets of paper at one time, as inkjet printers can have trouble processing thicker paper.

  11. Print the inside of the card
  12. Print the inside part of the card first to limit wear on the face of the card.

  13. Print the outside of the card
  14. To finish off the card, put the paper back in the tray and print the outside part of the card.