What Are Some Princess Birthday Party Ideas?

princess-birthday-party-ideas Credit: Ariel Skelley/Blend Images/Getty Images

Families can plan princess-inspired birthday parties by sending scroll invitations and decorating the party space with a majestic canopy, red carpet and cardboard throne. A princess-themed movie, royal makeover or gem hunt offers fun entertainment for guests. For party food, families can make a colorful, castle-shaped cake, bake heart- and star-shaped cookies, and serve dainty finger sandwiches.

Faux-parchment invitations complement a medieval theme and are easy to print at home. Each invitation can be rolled into a scroll and tied with ribbon. To create princess-worthy décor, families can post a royal flag outside to welcome guests and lay out a red carpet leading into the house. Setting up cardboard turret decorations and draping fabric and streamers inside the party space creates the appearance of a grand castle and canopy.

Providing costume jewelry, tiaras and toy purses lets guests transform into princesses and collect party favors. The birthday child can stand out with a royal sash. For entertainment, families can use a projector for a special viewing of the birthday child's favorite princess movie. For outdoor fun, hosts can hide plastic gems in a sandbox for a royal treasure hunt.

Sliced fruit, strawberry yogurt dip, strawberry milk, cookie wands, chocolate-filled crescent rolls, sparkling cider, tarts and mini sandwiches are simple foods and drinks for kids. Serving beverages in tea cups and plastic champagne glasses adds to the princess theme. Decorating a basic sheet cake with ice cream cones covered in frosting is a quick way to make a castle cake. Parents can create flags for the turrets by attaching paper cutouts to toothpicks.