How Do You Preserve a Christening Gown?


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To preserve a christening gown, clean the gown, hang it in a closet, or store it in a special box wrapped in acid-free tissue paper. Ensure that the gown does not come into contact with metal or plastic, as these can damage the fabric.

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  1. Clean the gown

    Clean the christening gown soon after use. Take the gown to a reputable dry cleaner if the fabric allows. Ensure that you follow the washing instructions on the label when hand washing.

  2. Dry the gown

    Place the wet gown on a white towel and roll the towel gently to get rid of excess water. Hang the gown to dry, away from direct sunlight to avoid damaging the fabric.

  3. Hang the gown

    Place the christening gown in a 100 percent-cotton cover or preservation bag, preferably one without a metal zipper. Hang the gown on a hanger with padding and a cloth cover. The chemicals in plastic and metal hangers can damage the fabric where there is direct contact. Avoid folding the gown, as the fabric may weaken at the creases over time. If you must store the gown in a box, cover the garment in acid-free tissue. Use as few folds as possible before storing.

  4. Store the gown

    Store the gown in a cool, dry place. Avoid basements, attics or other areas of the house with fluctuating temperatures. Store the gown with lavender to protect it against silverfish and moths, and air it out periodically.

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