How Do I Prepare a Vote of Thanks?

A vote of thanks speech should coincide with the event or ceremony underway, and should express gratitude to all involved. It is also crucial the vote of thanks be short, as it is usually the last item on the agenda, but nonetheless creative. The vote of thanks speech should also demonstrate awareness of the audience, their culture and expectations.

In some states such as the Virgin Islands, which is predominantly Christian, the speakers usually begin by thanking God; this community actually expects this of its speakers. It is important that you use words that are used in everyday conversation that can be easily understood by all audience members.

Always request a list of all the individuals who contributed to the meeting's success. This list should be used to thank all involved. Even small displays of gratitude are welcome, such as thanking someone for providing juice at the event.

A quote, poem or scripture usually adds flair to the speech, and shows the audience that the speaker took time to prepare. Writers should try to add as many elements of creativity as possible through the use of interesting and unique observations. A joke made in good taste may also be appropriate.