How Do You Prepare for Passover?


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The exact process of preparing for Passover may depend on how strictly one observes the holiday; those who practice strict religious observance will need to clear all leavened grain products, known as chametz, from their homes and make sure kosher products are available to eat during the 7-to-8 day observance of Passover. Those who are less strict about their observance of religious holidays such as Passover may or may not remove chametz from their homes, and they may or may not choose to replace non-kosher items with appropriate kosher products. Other preparations, such as planning, shopping for and cooking dishes for the seder dinner may also depend on individual factors.

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How Do You Prepare for Passover?
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Strict observers of the Jewish religion will need to either throw away, sell or donate chametz. In most cases, this is a very thorough scrubbing; stray crumbs or popcorn kernels even may be considered forbidden, so many Jewish people prepare for Passover by thoroughly cleaning their homes and possessions to make sure no leavened products are in the house or hidden away in purses or coat pockets. Because Passover coincides with the arrival of spring, this thorough clearing of chametz can be seen as an opportunity to perform a spring cleaning.

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