How Do You Prepare a Funeral Sermon?


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Prepare for a funeral sermon or eulogy by finding a theme or "hook" that exemplifies the deceased’s life, interviewing family and friends and finding humor to incorporate. Although funeral sermons are typically conducted by priests or ministers, they may be delivered for both Christians and non-Christians alike.

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A funeral sermon almost always centers on a theme that encompasses the deceased’s life and ties the entire speech together. It may be an observation about the individual, some aspect of his character, a phrase or an idea. This theme is typically related to a specific Bible verse or passage.

In order to craft a compelling funeral sermon, it’s best to conduct interviews about the deceased’s life with his close friends and family members. Learn as much as possible about the individual, his values, his interests and his aspirations. Understanding what was meaningful to the deceased is vital to composing a meaningful sermon.

In conducting the interviews, search for the humor contained in the deceased’s life. A funeral sermon doesn’t need to be packed with jokes, but many of life’s most important memories are often instilled with a bit of humor. Try to find some of these moments and incorporate them into the sermon. Don’t hesitate to share intimate details of the individual’s life, as long as the family has given permission to mention them. Hearing these details mentioned during the sermon can be a powerful experience for the deceased’s friends and family.

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