How Do You Prepare for a Family History Treasure Hunt?


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Begin preparing for a family history treasure hunt by gathering information, photos, memorabilia and miscellaneous items that characterize the lives of individuals within your extended family. Research past generations to discover names, dates, geographical regions and events that are interesting to treasure hunt participants. Decide on the treasure, choose a site that is familiar, determine the basic format and rules, and then create concise, age appropriate clues and riddles leading to the prize.

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  1. Entice with treasure

    Choose a satisfying treasure and a suitable hiding place. Generate excitement with hints that don't give away too much information and spoil the fun.

  2. Know your location

    Planning a hunt that takes place indoors presents a different set of challenges than one that unfolds in an outdoor setting, such as a backyard or park. Be aware of potential hazards and possible communication mix-ups.

  3. Define rules and boundaries

    Decide on a basic format. Depending on the ages of the treasure hunters, choose to configure a treasure map, fabricate simple clues or create challenging riddles that lead from one destination to the next.

  4. Remain mysterious

    Hide the clues and treasure when no one is watching. The secrets to a successful event are careful planning and stealthy preparation.

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