What Are Some Prayers for a Grieving Family?


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One prayer for a grieving family includes the juxtaposition of grief for the loved one who is gone and rejoicing in the idea that the loved one is now in heaven. The sources of comfort in most of these prayers center on the everlasting soul of the deceased and the strengths that God and Jesus provide to face tomorrow without a loved one. Such prayers are intended for religious families whose deceased member shared in their Christian beliefs.

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A prayer for the death of a believer begins by addressing God and acknowledging sadness at the passing of this individual. It quickly shifts to acknowledging that the deceased looked to God and Jesus to guide him and that he is now in heaven. The prayer ends by asking God to ease the sadness and loneliness and thanking him for what he has provided.

Another prayer for a grieving family is one spoken by someone who has lost a loved one such as a husband or wife. The prayer focuses on acknowledging the pain due to the absence of someone who has always been there. It asks God to provide strength to not only get through the present day but to also provide hope for a better future. The prayer ends by thanking the Lord for being both savior and friend.

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