What Prayer Petitions Are Used at Advent?

There are not any specific prayer petitions that must be used at Advent, and people are free to put forth whatever is in their heart as a prayer petition. Throughout Advent, there are four different candles that are used as part of the Advent wreath and these stand for hope, love, joy and peace, so many prayer petitions evoke these qualities.

Some churches offer unique activities during Advent such as placing prayers in front of icons or statues of saints. There are also many different advent prayers that are used throughout the season that ask people to open up their hearts and their minds in order to fully accept Jesus. This is done because Advent ends with Jesus's birth and the Christmas celebration.

Advent is a special season within the church that asks parishioners to repent for the sins that they have committed during the year and to begin celebrations for the coming birth of Jesus. One of the traditions of the Advent season is the lighting of the candles on the Advent wreath. There are three purple candles and one pink candle on the wreath. The other tradition is that of the Advent calendar. The Advent calendar usually contains a prayer and a piece of candy for each day leading up to the Christmas celebration.