Where Is It Possible to Get Free Christmas Gifts for Kids?

possible-christmas-gifts-kids Credit: Jose Luis Palaez/The Image Bank/Getty Images

One can get free Christmas gifts for kids from charity organizations like Toys for Tots and the Salvation Army. People also get free gifts from their churches, schools or other local organizations. To be included in these programs, families typically need to sign up in advance. Some programs allow kids to specify the gifts they want while others just assign gifts to children based on their age and gender.

Many communities have Freecycle, a program in which people give away items they do not need and request items they want. Although most of the goods given away on Freecycle are used, one could try to get free gifts from the Freecycle members in his community. Anything from Legos to used electronics may be available through Freecycle.

If the gifts are for older kids, some banks offer a free gift for new account holders. They often give sign-up gifts to new customers, and these gifts may include electronics or cash that can be given to a child.

If the child who wants a gift has a parent in jail, he may be eligible to get a free gift through the Prison Fellowship's Angel Tree program. This program takes the name and wishes of prisoners' children and sends them to churches around the country.