What Are Some Popular Party Games for a Child's Birthday Party?


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Some popular games for a child's birthday party are pin the tail on the donkey and musical chairs. Bingo is another popular birthday party game for children.

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What Are Some Popular Party Games for a Child's Birthday Party?
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Pin the tail on the donkey is played by hanging a picture of a donkey without a tail on the wall. Each child's name is written on a paper tail. The children take turns spinning around three times blindfolded, and then they attempt to pin the tail on the donkey. Whoever pins the tail closest to where it should be is the winner. Game supplies can be made at home or purchased from a toy or game store.

The first step to playing musical chairs is to line up chairs back to back. There should always be one less chair than there are people participating. While music is playing, the children circle the chairs. When the music stops, the children scramble to find a chair. Whoever does not find a chair is out, and a chair is removed. The game continues until the winner is the only one remaining.

To play Bingo, each child receives a Bingo card and multiple objects to cover squares. Pennies can be used as markers, or many Bingo sets include markers. A parent calls out numbers, and the children mark those numbers as they go. The first person to get five place markers in a row is the winner and calls out "Bingo!"

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