What Are Some Popular Outdoor Halloween Decorations That Are Easy to Make?


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Easy-to-make outdoor Halloween decorations include milk carton ghost lanterns, ghostly wreaths, toilet paper and glow stick glowing eyes, monster door decorations and floating ghosts made from cheesecloth and mannequin heads. Milk carton ghost lanterns consist of gallon cartons filled with Christmas lights and decorated with permanent marker.

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To make a ghostly wreath, spray paint a wreath black or gray and add a black ribbon along with tissue paper ghosts.

To add glowing eyes to bushes or other dark places at night, cut out eye shape slits from toilet paper rolls and add a glow stick inside the roll before placing it in a visible but dark location.

Turn any exterior door into a monster with tissue or construction paper eyes, hair and creepy accessories, such as spiders or bats.

Hang a floating ghost from a tree or awning from the top of a white foam mannequin head shrouded in white cheesecloth.

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