What Are Some Popular Online Wholesale Flower Sellers?


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Some popular online wholesale flower sellers are WholeBlossoms.com and WholesaleFlowersOvernight.com. Other online wholesalers are FiftyFlowers.com, GrowersBox.com and GlobalRose.com. These online sellers supply bulk flowers at discounted prices to customers, including flower retailers, wedding planners, hotels, event organizers and people planning their own events.

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WholeBlossoms.com supplies flowers that come directly from flower farms in the United States and South America, thereby cutting out the middlemen and creating cost savings that are passed on to customers. Its own cold-chain distribution channel ensures that its flowers are fresher than those in retail shops and supermarkets. The company is rated highly by Weddingwire, based on 205 reviews, and is certified by the Rain Forest Alliance and Veriflora as using sustainably-grown flowers.

WholesaleFlowersOvernight.com offers flowers grown in the United States. It specializes in the wedding and bridal flower business, supplying flowers such as roses, tulips, carnations, calla lilies and daisies, as well as gerberas, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas and sunflowers. It also sells preselected flower packages to suit various wedding themes, simplifying flower selection and arrangement. It claims to have many long-term repeat-order customers.

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