What Are Some Popular Menu Items to Serve for Christmas Dinner?

popular-menu-items-serve-christmas-dinner Credit: Michael Powell/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Popular menu items to serve for Christmas dinner include roasted turkey, blistered green beans and buttermilk dinner rolls. A brown sugar glazed ham paired with garlic potatoes and cranberry stuffing is also popular. A traditional Christmas dinner includes an appetizer, a main dish composed of meat and three side dishes.

To create many popular items for Christmas cuisine, Better Homes & Gardens recommends investing in a Frontgate mesh roasting pan, a Safari outdoor gas grill, and an oval roaster with a V-rack.

Popular seasonal ingredients that can be stuffed in the ham, turkey or beef main dish are shallots, mushrooms, garlic, parsley and rosemary. A touch of elegance can be added with a sprig of thyme. Common side dishes include mixed green salads, mashed potatoes, braised broccoli and cranberry tarts. When using barbecue sauces and spices for the dinner's entree, common pairings include gruyere cheese straws, wild rice and smoky ranch dressing.

To add sweetness and a zesty freshness to the Christmas dinner, it is popular to substitute peach, pear and cherry preserves for the traditional tart flavors of cranberries and raspberries. Popular rubs for Christmas dinner meats include espresso beans, roasted peppercorns, onion seasoning and a homemade spice blend of rosemary salt combined with steak seasoning.