What Are Some Popular Games to Play at a Child's Birthday Party?

What Are Some Popular Games to Play at a Child's Birthday Party?

Popular birthday party games include balloon pop, tag, obstacle courses, bingo or pin the tail on the donkey. Many classic games such as musical chairs, hot potato and Simon Says also work as birthday party entertainment. Games should match the age, abilities and interests of the party guests.

Balloons are popular as party decorations, but they also work for games. Balloon pop games are usually a hit. Options include having kids stomp on balloons to pop them or having partners smash the balloons between their bodies until they pop. For an outdoor party, a water balloon fight is an option.

A large open space such as a gym or a flat outdoor space works well for any variation of tag. Popular variations include blob tag, freeze tag and color tag. Set rules about tagging gently to prevent injury. Tag works best when all of the guests are about the same age so the younger kids don't always get tagged.

An obstacle course also requires a large space. Balance beams, hurdles, hula hoops and cones to weave through are examples of easy obstacles to include.

Bingo is simple to adapt to fit any party theme by filling the squares with related words or images. Pictures work best for young kids who can't read yet. Pin the tail on the donkey is another classic game that is easy to adapt to various party themes.