What Are Popular Funeral Verses to Say for Your Dad?


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One popular funeral verse to recite for the funeral of one's father is the Ella Wheeler Wilcox poem, "Father." The poem describes someone who did not have a huge impact on the outer world but who was a hero to his children. The poem describes the man as leaving his children with little in the way of material wealth, but instead leaving them with healthy bodies and minds, described as "riches without price."

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Another popular funeral verse to recite for the funeral of a father is the Gerard Manley Hopkins poem, "The Child Is Father To the Man." The poem is short and playfully references the confusing idea of child as father to the man first written of in the William Wordsworth poem "My Heart Leaps Up." Here, Hopkins calls the words wild and reminds readers that the man is also father to the child. This poem serves as a humorous reminder that life and its cycle continues even after the passing of one's father.

A more symbolic popular funeral verse for one's father is the Georgia Harkness poem, "To My Father." The poem speaks of a great pine tree that was once reassuring and magnificent until it fell and left a void in those who remembered it. Nonetheless, those who knew the tree report that it left a mark on them and that its "work stands fast" even after it is gone.

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