What Are Some Popular Designs of Western Wedding Rings?


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Popular western wedding ring styles include solitaire, cathedral, trinity, channel-set and swirl rings. Other typical western wedding ring styles include halo and pave rings, as well as rings with side accents.

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A solitaire ring has a single gemstone displayed prominently with no additional accent stones. Cathedral rings, a variation of solitaire rings, showcase a single gemstone prominently between extending bands of precious metal. Unlike solitaire rings, cathedral rings often have minimal accent stones. Trinity rings, also known as three gemstone or trilogy rings, display a trio of gemstones set side by side. Channel-set rings incorporate both a prominent gemstone, as well as stones embedded along the band of the ring. Swirl rings feature a gemstone setting similar to a solitaire ring with the band of the ring "swirling" around the set stone.

Out of most western wedding ring styles, halo and pave rings tend to shine and sparkle the brightest. Halo rings feature a central gemstone surrounded by smaller accent stones to create a "halo" effect of sparkle and make the stone setting appear larger. Pave rings feature a central gemstone along with a large number of accent stones set extremely close together, so as to leave almost no metal visible on the ring. This style of ring produces a very large amount of sparkle and shines much brighter than others due to the large number of accent stones.

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