What Are Some Popular Christmas Greeting Words?

Some popular Christmas greeting words and phrases include: "Merry Christmas," "Happy Holidays" and "Merry Christmas and a happy New Year." Though these three are the most commonly used phrases of greeting during the Christmas season, there are many creative twists and variations to use instead.

The Christmas season is celebrated by millions around the world, thus it calls for exuberant greetings. Of course, this is also a time of tradition, and holiday wishes hold a high place across cultural customs.

According to the Western Illinois Museum, "Merry Christmas" is among the most popular greetings during this season in the United States. This phrase can be traced back to an English admiral who reportedly wrote it in a personal letter at the cusp of the 18th century, according to AllThingsChristmas.com. Charles Dickens made the term into a cultural landmark when he featured it in his work, "A Christmas Carol." Ironically, the term is commonly used in the United States nowadays, while "Happy Christmas" is more familiar to Dickens' native UK.

Since the New Year celebration is only a week apart from Christmas, it is common to add the phrase "and a happy New Year" to "Merry Christmas." The greeting, "we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year," is pulled from a Christmas carol of the same title.

For a secular spin on Christmas, one can greet a friend with the phrase "happy holidays." Though it is meant to encompass many different holidays that take place during this season, this term is exchanged as a fond greeting among those who celebrate Christmas without its religious component.

Many variations on these popular Christmas greetings can be found on informative archive sites such as LatinTimes.com. These variations can replace traditional greetings when crafting Christmas cards.