What Are Some Popular Choices for Wedding Flowers?


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Some popular choices for wedding flowers include calla lilies, hydrangeas, orchids, peonies and roses. Ranunculus, also known as Persian buttercups, are also popular, as are carnations, daisies, tulips and gardenias.

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Roses are the most popular flowers for weddings. Available in colors ranging from deep reds through oranges, pinks purples and whites, roses are fragrant and relatively long-lasting, and their blooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Along with orchids and more exotic varieties of flower, they are also among the most expensive wedding flowers.

Less expensive alternatives to roses that have similar shapes include peonies and ranunculus. Not as fragrant as roses but just as lush, these flowers come in many of the same colors with double and single blooms. Peonies in particular also have robust dark green foliage suitable to fill in arrangements and bouquets. Gardenias are also an alternative to roses, but can be problematic because many people are allergic to them.

In season, tulips and calla lilies are plentiful, while hydrangeas also make impressive displays, especially in large arrangements, though cut blooms don’t last as longs as other flowers’ do. Traditional favorites daisies and carnations combined with greenery make beautiful, affordable wedding flowers and can be dyed custom colors.

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