What Are Some Popular Birthday Cake Ideas for Children?


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As of 2015, popular birthday cakes for children include rainbow cakes, edible scribble cakes, and cakes that feature character or game themes. Some parents choose to make the cakes themselves, but many bakeries also offer popular designs, themes and characters.

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Rainbow cakes consist of a stack of thin cake layers in individual colors. White cake mix is prepared and then measured into several bowls, before food coloring is added to each amount of batter. Each layer is baked separately and then stacked. Some choose to cut various sizes of rings and form the rainbow from the inside going outward, which shows more of a checkered design when cut. Any type of frosting or fondant is used, but many choose to continue the rainbow theme with multi-colored decorations or fondant cut-outs.

Edible scribble cakes use any type of cake desired, though a popular option includes using the rainbow cake method. Once the cake is baked, cooled and frosted, a thin layer of fondant in any color, but preferably white, is placed and smoothed over the cake. Siblings or friends of the celebrant are then given food markers to draw pictures and write birthday messages on the cake. This design allows for a colorful, unique display.

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