What Are Some Popular Birthday Cake Designs for Children?


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A popular birthday cake design for girls is a two-tiered pink castle cake, with towers made of sugar cones, kids cones and ice cream cones and candy such as Rants, Bubble Tape, Necco wafers and Smarties used for further decorating. For boys, a popular choice is soccer birthday cake, with soccer ball made of round cake with white frosting and 100 Calorie Pack Oreo Crisps. Grass around the ball is made of coconut flakes colored with green food dye.

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Another creative idea for a birthday cake for children is a cake that looks like French fries and ketchup. This design is achieved by placing a red-and-white checkered tablecloth on a cake plate and covering it with pound cake cut up in the shape of French fries. A white plastic cup with red frosting is placed on the side of the cut-up pound cake.

For boys and girls who love dogs, there is the puppy cake. Blue M&M's are used for eyes, a red M&M for the tongue, a jelly bean for the nose, and chocolate graham crackers for ears. The leash is made of red liquorice laces, and white and brown frosting or whipped cream is used to make the puppy's fur.

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