What Are Some Popular 30th Birthday Sayings?


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Some popular 30th birthday sayings are "30 is the new 20" and "30 is just 18 with 12 years experience." In addition, some popular sayings about a 30th birthday say that 30 is a young age and suggest that the 30s are an "amazing" time of life while other 30th birthday sayings suggest that "30 isn’t old. It’s a young mature."

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Many popular sayings about a 30th birthday dwell on the celebrant's age. One saying jokes that at least the celebrant has lower car insurance premiums to look forward to now that he is 30. Another positive saying about age 30 is that the celebrant still cannot legally run for president because he's too young. A slogan that ties turning 30 into youth is to say that the 30s are one of the few times that a person stands taller than his own children. Many sayings encourage the celebrant to enjoy his birthday party and enjoy the decade because it passes quickly.

Other popular sayings about a 30th birthday tell the celebrant to grow up and act more responsibly. For example, one saying instructs a person to start acting his age now that he is 30 years old. At age 30, a person can no longer deny adulthood, some say. In addition, a saying tells the birthday celebrant to put down the naivete card and pick up the responsibility card. Also by age 30, a man knows that he chose the right career or he is sure that he chose the wrong one.

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