What Is a Poem That You Can Read at Your Uncle's Funeral?

Poems like "She Is Gone" or "He is Gone" and "We Remember Him" or "We Remember Her" would be suitable for reading at an uncle's funeral. "She Is Gone" or "He Is Gone", which is a non-religious poem, was written by David Harkins.

Other than non-religious poems, parables, responses for a cremation and responses for a burial are also appropriate for reading at an uncle's funeral. Even excerpts from William Wordsworth's poems, "the Excursion" and "Intimations of Immortality" are suitable. Though William Wordsworth was an English romantic poet, some excerpts of his poems can be used for funeral services due to their context. The book, "Saying Goodbye", which was written by Ruth Burgess, contains various non-religious and religious poems and others suitable for funerals including the funeral of someone's uncle.