How Do You Play Wedding Games?


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Play wedding games by following the guidelines or rules established by the wedding party. Some outdoor games at a casual wedding, such as horseshoes or washers, employ physical rules. Games like photo scavenger hunt, which are played indoors, often include guest handouts to ensure each participant understands how to play.

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How Do You Play Wedding Games?
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When knowledge of the games offered at the wedding is readily available, guests can read about game rules ahead of time to become familiar with festivities beforehand. Guests can also ask members of the wedding party questions about how to play when necessary.

Outdoor weddings may include games such as cricket or ring toss, as well as giant, life-size games, such as checkers or Connect Four. Indoor weddings feature more table games, such as wedding mad libs, wedding party Guess Who and board games. Icebreaker games are often utilized at weddings to help guests get to know each other. Stand Up, Sit Down is a popular game that encourages guests to stand when a feature or interest pertains to them.

There may be books open at the reception with invitations for guests to share advice, date ideas and memories of the couple as an ongoing game throughout the reception. Games may also range from video games, such as Rock Band, to alcoholic drinking games, depending on the couple's personalities and the overall wedding theme.

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