How Do You Play Monster High 13 Wishes?


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Users play the Monster High 13 Wishes game by navigating 10 levels to find 13 shards of a magic mirror to release Frankie Stein's friends from a magical lantern. The game is available for several game systems, including Wii and Nintendo DS, so the specific controls vary.

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The video game draws its storyline from a movie with the same name. Frankie Stein must travel through different levels to free her friends. The player directs Frankie through the world in each level. The character walks, slides and jumps to navigate obstacles and challenges in each level. Each specific gaming platform has different controls that cause the character to make these moves.

As Frankie travels through the levels, a good genie named Gigi guides the player and provides hints. The user collects coins as she moves through the level. The player also collects orbs that improve health in the game. The bad genie who captured Frankie's friends doesn't want Frankie to succeed. The player sometimes encounters shadow creatures that must be defeated.

The other ghouls are also trapped in the lantern. As Frankie encounters them, she shows them an orb which helps them snap out of the spell they are under. Those characters are then unlocked. The player may use them to navigate higher levels as she continues collecting orbs, coins and mirror shards.

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