How Do You Play the Left-Right Gift Passing Game?


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To play the Left-Right gift passing game, start by having everyone stand in a circle with the wrapped gifts that they brought. Someone then reads a story or poem filled with the words "left" and "right." Every time "left" is said in the story, each person passes his gift to the left; players do the opposite when "right" is said. At the end of the story, the gift that each person is holding is the one he opens and keeps.

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Another gift exchange game to play is called Yankee Swap, in which people "steal" gifts from others. To play, each person brings a wrapped gift and places it in the middle of the room or area where the game is being played. Each person picks a number from a hat to determine the order of the gift picking.

The first person chooses a gift and opens it, letting everyone see what it is. The second player then chooses to steal the opened gift or open a new gift. This continues until everyone has had a turn to steal or choose a gift. When a person's gift is stolen, he can steal another gift or choose a new wrapped gift instead.

Another option is to play a Christmas trivia game. If someone answers a trivia question right, he gets to choose the next gift in the pile to open.

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