How Do You Play Halloween Hangman?


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Play a game of Halloween Hangman on the website of The Dimension's Edge, Dedge.com. Play Halloween Hangman by using a mouse to choose individual letters, then guessing which letters spell out a mystery word. Dashes are shown on the top of the screen to indicate how many letters are in the mystery word. Each correctly chosen letter automatically fills itself in on the top of the screen, while each incorrect letter adds a body part to the hangman.

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A computer with a secure Internet connection, a Web browser, a mouse or trackpad, and an updated Flash player are required to view and play Halloween Hangman. In Halloween Hangman, instead of a traditional stick figure hangman, the hangman is a skeleton with a jack-o'-lantern nearby. When you're choosing letters to try and spell out the mystery word, incorrect letter choices cause the skeleton hangman to make comments such as, "You're supposed to keep me from getting hanged!" and "Are you having fun yet?" These vocal comments as well as the game's background music and sound effects automatically play when a game is started, but you may disabled them by clicking on the music note on the left side of the screen.

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