How Do You Play Baby Shower Bingo?

How Do You Play Baby Shower Bingo?

Playing baby shower bingo game is a fun activity where guests try to guess what gifts await the mother. The game cards take a few minutes to make, and they can be customized for each shower. The game requires bingo cards, pens and markers to check off the squares.

  1. Make the bingo cards

    Prepare the cards on card stock rather than printer paper for more stability. Print a free online card, or make handmade game cards by drawing a grid of five squares across and down. Mark the center square as a free space. Decorate the cards with stickers or rubber-stamped images.

  2. Instruct the guests

    While guests are mingling before the presents are opened, tell them to fill in their bingo cards with the names of potential gifts. Examples include bottles, diapers, pacifiers and bibs. One item name should appear in each space, and a common item can appear in more than one space.

  3. Play bingo

    As the mother opens her gifts, guests use a marker to check off the spaces on their cards. The center space is free, and the winner is the first guest to fill in one line, either diagonally, horizontally or vertically. Award the winner a small prize.