How Do You Plan a Sweet 16?

How Do You Plan a Sweet 16?

To plan a Sweet 16 party, set a date, select a venue, come up with a guest list, and send out invitations. Finally, plan the details, and supervise the party to ensure everything goes as planned.

  1. Set a date

    Decide on a date for the party. It does not have to be on the day of the birthday. Choose a date that encourages maximum attendance.

  2. Choose a venue

    Pick out a venue based on the number of expected guests and your budget. A community center, restaurant or ballroom are all good options. You can also have it in your home or yard. Ensure that your location can accommodate all the guests.

  3. Create the guest list

    Create a guest list along with your child. The party can be intimate and have just family members and friends in attendance, or it can be elaborate. Keep your budget in mind when making a guest list. Send out invitations once the date, venue and guest list have been finalized.

  4. Plan the details

    Prepare the fine details at least two weeks before the party. Choose a theme for the party, and purchase decorations. Select the food you plan to serve, and order a cake. Arrange entertainment, and hire a DJ. Organize party favors for the guests to take home. Supervise the party to ensure that the guests are safe.