How Do I Plan a Reunion?


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People reunite as family, class members or even because they served in the military together. The steps below are for a family reunion, but they can be used for most types of reunions.

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How Do I Plan a Reunion?
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  1. Gauge interest level

    In most cases, people enjoy the opportunity to gather and reminisce. To make sure though, call a few of the potential invitees. Ask if they think a reunion is appropriate. If so, they may even want to help.

  2. Choose a location

    For a school reunion, the event takes place in the town from which everyone graduated. However, families tend to spread, so the location may not be as obvious. One option is hosting the reunion in your home or town since you are the planner. However, another option is to choose a location that is central for the majority of the family members.

  3. Select a date

    Most reunions take place in the summer as children are out of school. However, many families like to use summer as vacation time. Three-day weekends are often convenient for travel.

  4. Decide on a theme

    The theme of your family or class reunion could very well be "Reunion." However, the event could also be planned around an important event such as an anniversary or birthday.

  5. Plan the food

    Many reunions are potluck. However, if people are traveling, they may prefer to pitch in to buy food.

  6. Send out invitations

    Social networking is the first place to advertise the reunion. Email is also convenient, as you can send the same missive out to everyone quickly. However, some people will need paper invitations.

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