How Do You Plan a Petting Zoo Party?


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To plan a petting zoo party, determine whether your guests love animals or not. Choose the length of time you need for the party and the animals you need. Investigate the company you plan to use, and verify if they have a current USDA certification to ensure they handle their animals with care.

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Take into account the costs, which vary depending on the location and the type of animals included in the petting zoo party. Consider the ages of your guests. Some animals and activities, such as pony rides, are more appropriate for older children and adults than for very young children.

Consider whether the company has insurance for liabilities. Make sure that you consider the safety of the children by keeping toys and personal belongings away from the petting zoo area. Also, pick a company that provides a person that walks alongside the child if you plan to have pony rides. Make sure all children who touch the animals wash their hands after interacting with them.

Pick the decorations you plan to use. Consider decorations that include a zoo theme such as a zebra piñata and animal bubble party favors. You can also consider making farm animal party hats. Choose animal-themed games. Finally, pack party favors in a box or bag.

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