How Do You Plan the Perfect Party Using a Party Planning Checklist?

How Do You Plan the Perfect Party Using a Party Planning Checklist?

The success of a party is better ensured with a checklist because the preparations can be made ahead of time. As a result, fewer mistakes are made and the stress level is reduced. According to Real Simple, the to-do list should feature tasks that start at least three weeks prior to a scheduled event. Advance preparations include compiling an invitation list, deciding on a theme and sending out invitations.

Real Simple says that the invitation list for a party should contain 20 percent more people than what the party site can hold because only around 70 percent of the invitees usually accept. Send out invitations three weeks before the celebration by regular mail or e-mail, or contact guests by phone.

According to Real Simple, party planners should clean silverware, crystal or china two weeks prior to the party date. If necessary, organize the music playlist, and prepare any food dishes that can be frozen in the interim.

One week before the party, clean the whole house. Arrange the furniture to make it easy for guests to circulate. Store any items that could be taken or broken, and remove any clutter. Decide on the lighting for the celebration. Real Simple recommends using low-watt bulbs or candlelight to create a pleasant ambiance.

Three days before the scheduled event, finish any grocery shopping, and set up a place for guests to hang coats and accessories. The day before the party is the day to buy and arrange flowers, finish the cooking and give the house a once-over, according to Real Simple. Arranging the food for display should take place on the day of the event.