How Do You Plan a Paris-Themed Party for Teen Girls?


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To plan a Paris-themed party for teen girls, focus on aspects such as the guest list and invitations, the decor, food and entertainment. Give everything a touch of elegance and glamour, while incorporating Parisian themes and decor.

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How Do You Plan a Paris-Themed Party for Teen Girls?
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  1. Make a guest list and invitations

    Make invitations at home, or buy premade designs in elegant color combinations such as gray and pink or black and red. Opt for cards that have something Parisian about them, such as a word or two in French or a picture of the Eiffel Tower.

  2. Design the decor

    Get short window curtains and tablecloths in red-and-white checks to give the effect of a French bistro or cafe. Add to the atmosphere with small decorative wheelbarrows or large pots of flowers placed on the floor and on the table. Decorate with Paris-themed wall decals, watercolor paintings for the walls and tiny strings of silver lights. Ask the invitees to dress appropriately for Paris, with high heels, pretty dresses and a touch of makeup and perfume.

  3. Order appropriate food

    Choose foods such as elegant cake, cupcakes, cheese trays, cream puffs, quiche or chocolate éclairs to reflect the Parisian reputation for fine dining. Evoke the spirit of Paris with bubbly, clear sodas or sparkling grape sodas served in clear glasses.

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