How Do You Plan a Painting Party?


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Plan a painting party by setting a date, gathering necessary supplies and sending out invitations. Make sure you have enough space so all of your guests can comfortably paint. Also decide on what food and beverages you plan to serve.

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Supplies you may need to purchase for your painting party include paint, paintbrushes and art canvas. To simplify cleanup, cover surfaces with plastic tablecloths or craft paper, and provide plenty of paper towels. Also, provide plastic cups filled with water, which your guests can use to rinse their brushes. You can purchase many of these items at arts and crafts stores, but you may also want to check dollar stores for plastic tablecloths or cups.

Some of your guests may not feel inspired, so consider making art books available. If you do not own any, borrow some from your local library. Optionally, provide a template for an art design that guests can copy if they are not confident in their artistic abilities. Create the template yourself or purchase a design from a website such as Social-Artworking.com.

When planning for food and beverages for a painting party, you do not need to provide an elaborate spread. Appetizers might work best, so your guests can easily eat while they paint.

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