How Do You Plan a New Year's Eve Party?

plan-new-year-s-eve-party Credit: Izabela Habur/Getty Images

Planning a New Year's Eve party can involve preparing the setting, the food, the drinks and possibly a game or two for guests, depending on the type of party and how many people will be attending. It is important to send invitations out to guests as early as possible to ensure that they won't RSVP to another party.

For some simple decorations, consider laying white damask cloth over the table or tables so guests will congregate around. Cover the tables with shiny confetti and holiday lights, and maybe even add a clock as the centerpiece, so everyone can keep an eye on the time as they wait for midnight.

To prepare for thirsty attendees, mix guests' favorite cocktails in large containers before the party so they can pour their own. Plan for about three to four drinks per invited person.

For easy snacks, set out artisanal chips, vegetables and dips. A cake will work well for dessert. It's a good idea to provide guests with favors or small gifts given out at the party. Wrap the small gifts in cellophane bag.

One game that can be played with many guests involves nothing more than notecards and pens. Before the party, write out the first part of a classic New Year's resolution on each card, such as "This year, I want to be better about..." but leave off the specifics. Then, ask each guest to finish the statement. They can provide serious or funny answers. Once everyone is gathered, collect the cards and read them aloud. Ask attendees to try to figure out who finished each card.