How Do I Plan a House Warming?

How Do I Plan a House Warming?

Planning a housewarming party involves choosing a guest list, sending invitations, planning the style of the party, choosing the type of food to be served and preparing the house. Housewarming parties tend to be very casual and traditional, with guests coming to see the new home and spending time talking with the hosts.

Invitations to a housewarming can be sent as far ahead as three weeks before or, if the party is very casual, just a few days in advance. Either online invitations or print-at-home casual invitations are acceptable.

As HowStuffWorks points out, open houses are good ideas for housewarming parties, particularly if large numbers of guests are invited or if the new home is on the small side. Guests at a housewarming party are typically personal friends, rather than business acquaintances, of the hosts. It is also common to invite new neighbors to help the hosts get settled into the new neighborhood.

Keeping the party simple is a good idea because it allows the hosts to mingle with the guests. A backyard barbecue is one traditional choice for a housewarming. Alternatively, finger foods and light snacks can be served.

Hosts should expect to give tours of the house to most of the guests, and may want to plan to take these tours in shifts. They should also choose a place to store the housewarming gifts that most of the guests are likely to bring.