How Do You Plan a Girl Scouts Thinking Day Booth?

Girl Scouts of America explains that the theme specific to the year must be considered and used as the basis for planning a World Thinking Day booth. The theme for 2014 is "education opens doors for all girls and boys." This is based on the goal of the United Nation's Millennium Development Goal 2 to reach a universal level of primary education, focusing on girls having access to education.

The booth can follow a number of different designs, always reverting back to the theme of the World Thinking Day. One example of a booth project is to choose a country and research what it is like to live there. Such a booth could focus on what it would be like to live in that country for a day. This is a great way to learn about another country, the struggles in that country and the overall culture of the country. Staying specific to the theme, the booth should display everything learned from researching the country.

Another booth idea is to gather artwork, stories and poems by young girls to describe the hopes and dreams they have for the world. With the 2014 theme, these pieces of artwork and poems should have a common thread of education and how it is seen throughout the world in the eyes of young girls.