How Do You Plan a Fun Kid's Birthday Party?

How Do You Plan a Fun Kid's Birthday Party?

Choose a theme, plan age-appropriate activities, and take your child's interests into consideration to plan a fun party. Keep the kids busy with activities or games to avoid boredom.

The birthday child's interests and preferences play a major role in planning the party. If the birthday child is old enough to express her preferences, get her involved in the planning process. Ask her where she wants to have the party and what types of activities she wants to do.

The age of the birthday child and her guests also helps decide what to do for the party. Upper elementary students might not enjoy a kiddie party place. Toddlers aren't ready for a roller skating party. Choose an activity that most of the party guests can enjoy.

A party theme also helps create a fun atmosphere. Theme possibilities include the guest of honor's favorite character, hobby, sport or other interest. Theme examples include art, football, science, books or nature. Use the theme to plan the activities and decorations.

Plan more than one party activity to give the kids options. If you opt for a party at a location such as a bowling alley or skating rink, have some other options for those who don't want to participate. Bring coloring pages or a small craft the kids can do at a table. Ask other adults for help wrangling the kids. This puts less stress on you, allowing you to enjoy the party and make it fun for everyone.