How Do You Plan a Football Banquet?


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To plan a football banquet, implement a plan and confirm a venue, budget, program itinerary, theme, food and invitations. Having a committee for each portion of the implementation helps to organize the banquet.

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In order to plan a successful banquet:

  1. Decide on the events goals, objectives and budget
  2. Establish the objective of the event consider the venue based on the budget versus the cost, the location, the capacity, the sound system and the seating and set-up of the banquet hall. Make sure the location fits the goals and the budget of the banquet, ideally 6 months in advance of the event. Make certain there is adequate space and parking for the attendees.

  3. Plan for speakers
  4. If the banquet is going to have speakers, make sure the set-up and sound system is conducive to the speaker's needs. Determine who will speak, who will be the emcee and the speaking time limits.

  5. Decide on the theme, invitations and decor
  6. Decide on the theme, which may be broadly based on football or may have a more specific theme. Design decor and invitations based on the theme. Have a lighting plan depending on what time of day or mood of the banquet.

  7. Plan the food
  8. If the budget allows and the venue offers catering, determine the menu. Optionally, check local restaurants, connected sponsors or caterers who may cater the banquet for a discount. Make sure adequate amounts of food are ordered based on the invitation list.

  9. Organize a banquet committee
  10. Once the plans are arranged, delegate teams to plan, follow-up and confirm.

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