How Do You Plan a Candlelight Vigil?

plan-candlelight-vigil Credit: Steven Weinberg/The Image Bank/Getty Images

To plan a candlelight vigil, a person must determine where the vigil will be held, what time it will be held and who to invite. It is common for the vigil to be held at the locale of the deceased death, or in their favorite place.

The location should be easy to access for both loved ones and members of the community. After choosing the location, the next step is determining the time that the vigil will take place. Typically, candlelight vigils are held at dusk or shortly after. Candles are more visible during the dark hours, but the vigil should not be held so late in the evening that it inconveniences people.

After getting the details down, the person should invite people to the vigil. This can be done in the form of letters, social media sites, phone calls and in person. Others ways to announce the vigil is through press releases, newspaper articles and other forms of media outlets.

When preparing for the vigil, the person should gather candles, wax drip protectors and other needed items. One can also create a program in honor of the deceased or injured person. The program can included the details of the person, poems, quotes and other information that the person feels is necessary.