How Do You Plan a Bridal Shower?


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Plan a bridal shower by picking a date, organizing the guest list and invitations, choosing food and drinks and planning activities. Bridal showers may be hosted by anyone, and the hostess may ask other people to help her with planning the event.

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  1. Choose a date

    The hostess should ask the bride for a few date options. The bride may have other showers to attend, or she may have other wedding-related events already scheduled. Pick a date at least a week before the wedding and as much as six months prior to the wedding day.

  2. Get a guest list, and send invitations

    Ask the bride for a list of guests. A typical bridal shower includes all female relatives of the bride and groom, the bridal party, friends, neighbors and coworkers. The bride may prefer multiple showers, one for family, one for friends and one at work. Once the guest list is set, send out invitations approximately six weeks before the shower. Include gift registry information, if desired. Invitations should also include the names of the hostesses and should not be electronic.

  3. Arrange food and drinks

    The time of the shower and the shower's theme may dictate food choices. Light hors d'oeuvres and cocktails may be acceptable, or a full meal may be served. The bride may request her favorite foods, or the hostess may surprise her with speciality items. Plan for enough food for all guests, arrange for at least one non-alcoholic drink to be served, and don't forget ice.

  4. Plan activities

    The meal and gifts may be the main focus of the shower. However, bridal games, fun trivia questions, and personal question-and-answer games about the bridge and groom can be included. Keep the bride's personality in mind; if she might be offended by certain games, don't play them.

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