How Do You Plan a Bachelorette Party?


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To plan a bachelorette party, start at least three months before the wedding. Solicit ideas from the bride unless the party is supposed to be a surprise. Keep considerations such as affordability and transportation in mind.

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  1. Start planning early

    Three months before the party, begin initial plans. Decide if the party should be a surprise. If it is not, get ideas from the bride on what she wants. Get a guest list from her as well; ensure that all people on the list are also invited to the wedding. If you plan the party to be a surprise, use your knowledge of the bride and consult with her loved ones as necessary. Check that the activity you have planned is affordable for all involved. The bride is not expected to pay anything. Select a date for the party that is about one or two weeks before the wedding.

  2. Set the groundwork

    Two months before the party, email "save the date" notifications so you know if anyone involved has serious conflicts. Include as many details as possible if the party is far away or complicated. Talk with the bridesmaids or the bride's close friends to make more-detailed plans and to come up with party games. Look ahead to transportation needs after the party if alcohol is involved. You could rent a block of hotel rooms, and compare fares among limo, van and bus companies.

  3. Plan final details

    Send formal invitations a month before the party; include the cash contribution each guest is expected to make. Delegate responsibilities such as shopping to bridesmaids and others involved. A week before the party, confirm all arrangements, and buy materials for any games.

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