How Do You Plan a Baby Shower?

plan-baby-shower Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

Planning a baby shower involves selecting a date, a budget, a venue, a theme, invitations, a menu, activities and party favors, and creating a guest list. It also involves coordinating with the guest of honor or someone who knows her schedule so that the shower does not hamper any plans she already has, and so that someone can ensure that she is there in time for the party.

The date of the shower can be planned during the seventh or eight month. If the mom-to-be has a history of earlier labor, it is probably best not to wait until the eighth month. The next consideration is when the desired venue is available. It is important to decide on a theme early on since the invitations and cake should match. The menu depends largely on what kind of budget is available as well as the dietary restrictions of guests, especially the guest of honor. Activities are centered around things that the guests can do as a group, such as games like guessing the flavor of an unlabeled jar of baby food. Party favors are usually things that guests with or without children can use and are appropriate for all ages, such as candy or candles.