How Do You Plan Activities for Homecoming?

Organizing a fun and successful homecoming requires forming a planning committee, choosing a theme, creating a schedule, planning a budget and raising money, creating and hanging decorations, organizing the homecoming court election, holding a spirit week and hosting the dance. The following steps act as a guide:/

  1. Form a homecoming committee

    Before you can start planning your homecoming, form a committee. Break up the committee into groups and have each group focus on a different aspect of the planning process.

  2. Choose a theme

    Start by choosing a central theme for the event. This is very important because all other aspects of your planning and activities revolve around it.

  3. Create a timetable

    Set a date for your homecoming. Then create a timetable of what needs to be done and by when.

  4. Plan the budget

    Produce a budget plan that includes how much income you have and how much you need to raise. Include your fund-raising strategy in the budget plan.

  5. Put up decorations

    Create banners, invitations and any other festive decorations to spread the homecoming spirit. Craft fun school-themed decorations related to your homecoming theme.

  6. Have a spirit week

    Get your school excited about homecoming by organizing an entertaining and interactive spirit week. Schedule theme days, such as pajama day, or pep rallies and activities, such as a student vs. faculty basketball game, on each day leading up to the big homecoming.

  7. Form a homecoming court

    Have the student body nominate a homecoming court. Set up election stations around the school and popular student hang-out spots. Order tiaras or sashes to use to crown your homecoming king and queen. On the day of the homecoming football game, reveal the king and queen.

  8. Have a homecoming dance

    End your homecoming week with a memorable and fun dance. Plan to pass out favors, and hire photographers to capture the entire night.