Where Are Some Places That Offer Trick-or-Treating in Georgia?

places-offer-trick-treating-georgia Credit: Rebecca Nelson/Taxi/Getty Images

The Georgia Aquarium, the Children's Museum and the Mall of Georgia usually have trick-or-treating for kids in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Other places, including Georgia Southern University and tour companies in Savannah, Georgia, have spooky events and trick or treat events for kids also.

Some of the organizations that hold trick or treat events charge admission fees while others keep things free. The Mall of Georgia usually has a free trick or treat night for kids of all ages; kids can make the rounds of all the stores in a safe indoor environment. Typically the mall has other events on the same night, including contests with prizes and Halloween photo booths.

The Georgia Aquarium turns into the "Georgia A-Scary-Um" for several nights over the Halloween holiday, featuring trick-or-treating, music, games and contests. Kids under 12 years old get free admission with a paid adult or season pass holder.

The annual Trick or Treat event at the Children's Museum has candy, crafts, dancing, games and Halloween themed movies. Ticket prices are discounted for museum members.

The city of Savannah, Georgia and Georgia Southern University have special events for kids with trick-or-treating and treat baskets. Both places also have events for adults and teenagers.