How Do You Pin a Boutonniere?

How Do You Pin a Boutonniere?

How Do You Pin a Boutonniere?

To pin a boutonnière, place it on the left lapel, and insert a corsage pin from underneath the lapel and through the stem. For heavier boutonnières, add a second pin, making an X with the first one.

  1. Position the boutonnière

    Place the boutonnière on the right side of the left lapel over the button hole. The flower faces up with any foliage behind it, and the stem points down. Hold the boutonnière in place with one hand.

  2. Add the first pin

    Lift the lapel a few inches. With your free hand, insert a corsage pin up through the lapel and into the boutonnière stem. Point the pin up and away from the wearer's chest. If the boutonnière is wrapped with ribbon, insert the pin through the ribbon, and avoid inserting the needle directly into the flower stem. Once the pin is inserted into the boutonnière stem, angle it down and to the left, and push the pin back down through the lapel.

  3. Add a second pin

    If the boutonnière is large and heavy, secure it with a second corsage pin. From the back side of the lapel, insert the pin below the head of the first one and at an upward angle. Once the pin is through the stem or ribbon, reinsert it back through the lapel.